Walking with Jesus (예수님의 사람 영문판)

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예수님과 동행하는 삶으로 인도하는 12주 제자 훈련

예수님을 믿는다고 하지만 예수님의 제자가 되는 것은 아닙니다. 예수님의 제자는 예수님과 개인적인 관계를 가지고, 그분과 항상 동행하면서 형성되는 것입니다. 본 교재는 12주 동안 예수님의 제자가 되는 훈련 교재입니다. 예수님과 동행하면서 예수께서 삶을 변화시키도록 하여, 철저하게 예수님의 제자가 되는 것이 본서의 목적입니다. 그 제자가 가정과 교회와 사회와 나라를 변화시킬 것입니다.

There were many followers of Jesus.
But, not all were His disciples.

The disciples of Jesus had personal relationships with Him and walked with Him at all times. The closeness and continuity of the relationship with Christ defined the discipleship. The core value of the discipleship training of Jesus was knowing Him while being with Him. The change in life only happens when you personally meet and know Christ.

About the book: Why discipleship training?

1 The plan of Jesus was to build a person.
2 Jesus selected a few individuals, but He painstakingly trained them.
3. The key to discipleship training is a personal relationship with Jesus.

Who should join discipleship training?

1. Doubting God’s existence: New believers still uncertain of salvation
2. Preoccupied with self-concerns: Immature believers
3. Serving for the needs of others: Believers who experienced grace = Ready for discipleship training
4. Offering spiritual help to others: Believers with clear priorities in life
5. Risking all (even life) for Christ: The highlight and conclusion of discipleship training

How to use this book

1. Make it a habit to study one chapter a day. 2. Study each chapter from beginning to end.
3. Do not skip questions. 4. Write down your thoughts and questions.
5. Attend and participate in the weekly training class.
*With Jesus Ministry: The ministry exists to serve the With Jesus Movement calling all churches and believers to enjoy the blessing of intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. If you have any inquiries regarding the ministry or its seminars, please contact at wjm@wjm.kr

유기성(Pastor Kisung Yoo)

Pastor Kisung Yoo has been serving as Senior Pastor of Good Shepherd Methodist Church in South Korea since 2003. He has been inviting people to have a joyful walk with Jesus Christ through the gospel of the cross. One of his main messages is about the confession of Apostle Paul, “I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.” His ministry is focused on looking to Jesus who lives in all believers 24/7 and walking with Him in daily lives. Also, it is about building the community of believers who can be accountable to one another by sharing With Jesus journals online. He started With Jesus Ministry in 2014 and has been serving as President.